About Crystalgen

Crystalgen was founded from the acquisition of a small startup company in 1994, currently we are a global manufacturer and supplier of high quality laboratory essentials, biochemicals, and reagents. At Crystalgen we focus on innovation and continuous improvement. Always pushing for development and research on creating products that are easy to use, that protect our environment, and excel the research of our scientific community.

Our Mission:

Why we are here – What is our purpose?

We advance the field of life sciences through innovative solutions.

Our Vision:

Where do we see ourselves in the next 10 years?

From our origin to our establishment, we will be a brand that has a global impact in the field of life sciences. Through our superior products, services, and values we will be a trusted partner to countries all over the world.

Our Values:

Code of Ethics and Conduct

For the past two decades Crystalgen has strived for continuous improvement in developing our products, our services, and our brand. At Crystalgen we hold ourselves responsible for the long term interests of our owners, our associates, and to society as a whole. We hold our associates to the highest standards in improving Crystalgen’s impact and value by meeting and exceeding the needs of our customers through teamwork, mutual respect, and dedication on productivity, innovation, and efficiency throughout all our operations. To accomplish this we must pay close attention to legal requirements, issues of social responsibility, sustained environmental protection in our operations, workplace safety, and conduct that reflects the highest ethical values.