DyeHard Protein Staining Solution 1L

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DyeHard Protein Staining Solution 1L


DyeHardTM is a novel Coomassi Blue polymer that stains proteins in the polymacrylamide gels without staining the gel itself. 

DyeHardTM is easy to use odorless and provides a better lab environment. 




  1. Sensitivity: 3 ng per band 
  2. Background: water clear 
  3. Speed: 20 mins to 3 hours 
  4. Destaining: Not required

Protein separation on 10% Tris-Glycine Gel. Protein Markers on lanes 1 and 10. E. Coli extract was loaded in lanes 2 to 9. Protein detected by the DyeHardTM solution. 


Rapid 5-minute Version: 


Our new 5-minute staining is specifically formulated for users who wants to see the results very fast, with a sensitivity of 50 ng per band.

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